List of Subjects for EIT-2013 Finalized

Friday, 21 September 2012


The Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports' order #943, dated August 23, 2012 entitled Regarding External independent testing for those wishing to apply to establishments of higher education in Ukraine in 2013, was registered with Ukraine's Ministry of Justice.

The order included the list of subjects that will be offered as part of external independent testing (EIT) for those applying to establishments of higher education (HEIs) in 2013.  The list of subjects includes: Ukrainian Language and Literature, Ukrainian History, World History, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Russian Language, World Literature and a choice of one of the following foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish.

Every individual registered for EIT can test in up to four EIT subjects.

In addition to the standard Ukrainian test versions, tests in Ukrainian History, World History, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Physics and Chemistry will be translated into the following languages: Crimean Tartar, Moldavian, Polish, Russian, Romanian and Hungarian while the test in World Literature will only be translated into Russian.

You can read the entire Order under the heading Legislature.





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12 February 2013, 18:18


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