Proposed Rules of Admission to HEIs in 2013 Unveiled

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


After it is discussed and ratified, the proposed 2013 Rules of Admission will determine the rules which will govern the 2013 admission campaign.


According to the proposed rules, applications for the traditional day form of education in 2013 will be accepted from July 1 through July 31st.


It is expected that applicants in 2013 will be able to use eternal independent testing (EIT) certificates issued from 2008 through 2013.  The rules will also continue to limit the number of HEIs to which applicants may apply; applicants will be allowed to apply to up to 3 majors in up to 5 HEIs.


Applicants will be considered for a bachelor's program if they didn't score lower than 124 in non major related EIT and if their major related EIT scores are no lower than 140.  HEIs will be allowed to raise the passing EIT grade for major related test subjects.


EIT scores in three subjects will be used to compute the admission score for applicants who graduated the 11th grade and are applying for a bachelor's degree in 2013.


Applicants who graduated 11th grade prior to 2008 will have the choice of submitting EIT or HEI administered admission test scores when applying.


Admission scores will be computed by adding required EIT scores, the student's final secondary school grade point average and any bonus points the applicant is qualified for.  Traditionally, students who completed a preparatory course in the year during which they are applying were awarded an additional 20 points.


Categorized ranking lists of applicants will be created from the Singular State Electronic Educational Database and will be publicized on informational stands outside the admission commissions and on the web pages of individual HEIs.


The final list of those being offered admission will be compiled after several phases.  Students who graduated secondary school will be included in the ranking lists; the first of these lists will be unveiled on August 1st.  On August 11th full government scholarships will be distributed.


The full text of the proposed Rules of Admission can be viewed on the Ministry of Education's web site.  Proposals and suggestions will be accepted until October 19, 2012; they can be submitted by mail to The Department of Higher Education, Peremohy Blvd., Kyiv, 01135, or electronically to: о








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