The MoESYS discussed how to Evaluate HEIs

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


A meeting of the group working on developing criteria for evaluating establishments of higher educating (HEIs) was held on October 22, 2012.


Modifying these criteria will improve how Ukraine ranks the effectiveness of their HEIs.  This in turn will be a stimulus for improving the quality of higher education, its competitiveness in the education and labor markets and will facilitate the inclusion of Ukraine's HEIs in international university rankings.


This was the assignment outlined by Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine in the National Action Plan for introducing a Program of Economic Reform for 2010-2014 called Prosperous Society, Competitive Economy, and Effective State.


Members of the work group discussed the current system of monitoring the quality of national education and using it to evaluate the quality of education  and the educational system overall.


Aside from this, they considered the MoESYS leadership's opinion that the criteria for evaluating HEIs should be based on already developed and tested indicators which are currently used for conducting evaluations and HEI ratings.  They also proposed that the criteria be modified in order to improve and develop criteria for evaluating HEIs with level I-II accreditations.


In order to improve the system of collecting and processing information and to ensure the objectivity of indicators used to evaluate the effectiveness of HEIs, they proposed utilizing data from the Singular State Electronic Educational Database.


They also discussed how to refine the criteria and specific suggestions for improving and using existing indicators.


Documents which are relevant to the project will be posted for public comment on the official website of the MoESYS and the State Educational Establishment Inspection Service.








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