The President Stresses the Importance of Ratifying the New On Higher Education Law as soon as Possible

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Victor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine is stressing the importance of accelerating the ratification of the On Higher Education Law.  He mentioned this during a meeting he had with student leaders adding: "there is really no reason to prolong it."  He added that the Cabinet of Ministers is currently reviewing the bill and that once they are done it will be sent to the Ukrainian Parliament.


The President has urged that students be included in finalizing the legislation.  He told them: "if you wish, I will speak to the Cabinet of Ministers or to the Prime Minister, so that you receive this legislation, have time to review it and then be allowed to participate in the government's meeting on this topic.  I don't think this would be a problem seeing as we are already planning on including civic organizations in preparing this legislation."  Furthermore, Mr. Yanukovych added that due to excessive politicization of the issue, chancellors from establishments of higher education (HEIs) have already been included in developing the legislation.


Andriy Chernykh, Coordinator of the civic group Students' Defense and Deputy Secretary General of the Ukrainian Youth Forum addressed the President on behalf of the students.  In his address he requested that the legislation be ratified as soon as possible.  "The process of adopting this bill has taken too long.  We ask that you help speed up the process so that a law can be ratified that incorporates the needs of students and chancellors because this is crucial for higher education.  We request your support in this matter," he said.




Source: Press Service of the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych


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