Ukrainian Standardized External Testing Initiative Legacy Alliance (USETI Alliance) Phase II, 2013-2015.


The Ukrainian Standardized External Testing Initiative Legacy Alliance

(USETI Alliance) Phase II  continues established partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES), Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment (UCEQA), American Institutes for Research (AIR), International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), Fakt Publishing House/Kharkiv Oblast Charitable Foundation "TIMO" (Testing, Innovations, Educational Monitoring) (TIMO Foundation), Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy (NAUKMA), Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (LNU), the National Academy of Management (NAM), OPORA Civic Network (OPORA), pro.mova, the Center for Educational Policy (CEP), Union of Rectors of Ukraine (URU), National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (NAPSU), and Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University. The American Councils for International Education in Ukraine is the Alliance coordinator.


Goal: By project completion, Ukraine's higher education system will be more transparent in selecting applicants for baccalaureate and other levels of higher education.


USETI Alliance Phase II objectives are to strengthen institutional capacity of Ukrainian national testing system elements and components; to improve the legislative and regulatory foundations for accessible quality higher education; and to build deeper and more effective public support for the cause of accessible higher education in Ukraine. Partners bring both monetary and in-kind contributions to a broad range of activities envisioned within the project framework. USAID resources are used only to support program activities essential to cementing the sustainability of project objectives well past the completion of USAID assistance. Partner resources support activities that strengthen the foundations for the establishment of testing as the core modality in measuring applicants' readiness for rigorous higher education. This includes targeted dissemination of information packages, studies, and policy drafts to Ukraine's large Higher Education Institution (HEI) community; support for civil society and academic activities that broadly enable the goals of the USETI Alliance; and the collection of feedback from Ukraine's academic community on its perception of the state of access to education in Ukraine.


The Alliance will directly benefit Ukraine's more than 1,100 HEIs and affiliates, many of which are addressing issues of quality, due to the introduction of national standardized HEI admissions testing in 2008. As the frontline "consumers" of admissions reform, they will have many seats at the table, and will have a direct impact on how testing and the use of test scores enable better access to higher education. The USETI (TCP)/USETI Legacy Alliance and previous work by non-USG donors including the International Renaissance Foundation, British Council, and World Bank succeeded in bringing UCEQA into the 21st century world of testing, securing its place in the educational budget system, and introducing internationally recognized best practices to UCEQA (as test supplier) and MOESYS (as a key decision-maker in admissions).


USETI Alliance Phase II outcomes will be:

  • A sustainable strengthened UCEQA system more capable of independently and transparently developing and implementing secure tests that meet international standards;
  • A secure legislative and regulatory policy basis for testing and higher education admissions; and
  • A sustainable high level of public support for equal access to Ukrainian higher education.

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